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We are an agency & consultancy established to bridge the gap in the professional world.

Our mission is to make it easier for
organisations to hire diverse, talented people.

We recognise that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) efforts should go beyond mere checkbox exercises and tokenism

We aim to challenge norms, dismantle biases, and ensure lasting transformations, making DE&I an integral part of organisational fabric.

Inspired by a commitment to social justice, we're dedicated to creating equal opportunities and driving positive change in the professional world for a more inclusive future

Build diverse teams

Our approach to building diverse teams includes working with organisations to source diverse candidate, reviewing and revising recruitment processes, removing unconscious bias, and promoting a culture of inclusion and belonging within the workplace.

Create inclusive work environments

We help businesses create inclusive environments through consultancy, including diversity audits, strategic guidance, and CPD-accredited courses. Our focus spans unbiased recruitment, cultural awareness, and policy implementation to ensure fair treatment for all employees.

Unlock Innovation

Diversity isn't just a metric; it's a catalyst for innovation. We empower organizations to unlock their true potential by embracing diversity and inclusion. By fostering a culture where every voice is heard, we not only enrich your workforce but ignite the spark of innovation that propels your company into the future. Embrace diversity, ignite creativity, and watch as your organisation transforms into a hub of innovation.

Trusted by truly amazing organisations

Romain joined Reach for two presentations across Black History Month. The sessions were interesting, informative and engaging. We received excellent feedback from Reach colleagues. I would highly recommend Romain and look forward to future partnership opportunities!

Emily Nagy - Reach PlcHighly Reccomend

After speaking to various companies we were impressed with Diversify who were responsive to our request and provided us with reassurance that they could create a presentation on Black History and provide resources to our members.

Justin Placide - Civil ServiceI look forward to working with Diversify again

I’ve received really positive feedback and look forward to working with Diversify in the future

Robert Botkai - Winkworth SherwoodThank you


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